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Bulk Buy Sleeveless Fluttersuits

How does this work?

Bulk add all available colours to your cart

  1. Choose your size below and click the button
  2. You will be taken to your cart
  3. You can remove any colours you already own, don’t want or increase the quantity of a specific colour
  4. You can then go back to the Fluttersuits page and add different sizes too if you want to mix sizes.
  5. So here is the tiered pricing – 24 Flutters or more it’s $15.50 each. 5-23 Fluttersuits = $17 each. 1-4 Flutters – $20.95 each

You may get a warning “Sorry product cant be purchased” this just means that a colour has sold out in that size ☹

If you drop below 24 total Flutters the Bulk Price will increase.